Freelance Writing

In addition to working full time as a senior content designer, I often write freelance articles for various clients. Here are some of my most recent ones.


Working from home
It’s never good when it rains indoors. Read just how bad that can be >

More articles from 2020-2021:

Buying, Selling, and Speeding in the COVID-19 Pandemic

How Does Fraud Affect Your Home and Auto Insurance?

How to Check Your Driving Record in Alberta and Ontario

Wildlife Collisions: What to Do If You Hit an Animal on the Road

Is Your Insurance Provider Still Right for You – Or Is It Time to Make a Change?

Moving Day: Are Your Belongings Still Covered Once They’re in the Truck?

Halloween Tricks, Pranks and Accidents: Are You Covered?

Tips for Buying a Used Car in a Pandemic

Raising a Safer New Driver: 10 Tips for Nervous Parents

Want to keep reading? Even more articles here.

Here’s a link to an older collection – “Write as rain” which is an archive of some of my older published articles.

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