Creative Photography

From the time I was a very young child, I always wanted to be an artist. My first camera was a 126 Kodak film camera, with which I took tiny square photos of flowers and animals.  I got my first 35 mm SLR in high school and soon became obsessed with darkroom techniques and black and white film.

Gail with CameraThese days I mostly shoot in digital, but still love the warmth and quiet respect film pays to its subjects. When I am out shooting, anything goes, and anything can be beautiful in the right light.  I’m fascinated by nature, architecture & decaying beauty – from weathered wood to rusty bridges, to the way light stretches the shadows at dusk. Taking pictures allows me to continue to nurture my sense of wonder daily. Please check out my flickr and Instagram feeds to see some of my pics.


Junction Triangle snowstorm! Winter 2017.


Two of my photos were recently nominated to take part in my first juried exhibit!

A sample of my work is on display and for sale at La Rev in the Junction in Toronto, at 2848 Dundas St. West – on the north east corner of Keele – please check it out. Photos are mounted on wooden blocks and ready to hang – no frame needed. Prices start at just $25!


Photo Exhibit Poster La Rev